CBB60 Capacitors

  • CBB60 Capacitor 12.5uf
CBB60 Capacitor 12.5uf

CBB60 Capacitor 12.5uf

  • CBB60 capacitor
  • washing machine capacitor
  • white round capacitor
  • plastic capacitor
  • Product description: CBB60 Capacitors is from Jiaming Capacitor which is a professional CBB60 Capacitors,CBB61 Capacitor,CBB65 Capacitors,CBB80 Capacitors,Shunt Capacitor Manufacturer and Exporter in China!
Capacitors Features:
With a small loss,anti-moist,excellent electrical  performance,reliability,large capacity,long life and good self-healing properties.
Capacitors Use:
It is widely used as the start-up and running capacitor that is special for micro water pump, cleaning machine, washing machine, and single-phase motor.

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