Lamps and capacitors 80% Ningguo made

On July 28, Anhui Daily Xinningguo Electronic Components occupied 20% of the national market share, of which lamps and lanterns capacitors accounted for 80% of the national market share. This is the news of the China Electronic Components Industry Association held a working exchange meeting in July 25th.

In recent years, Ningguo has steadily increased its support to the electronic components industry, tilted its capital and technological innovation, and initially formed a capacitor industry group with 16 large-scale enterprises such as Feida, Yuanguang, Jiahua and Tiancheng Electrical Appliances as the core.

The total industrial output value of this industry was 705 million yuan in 2005, and 139 million yuan in the first half of this year, an increase of 44% over the same period of last year. In the process of industrial development, Feida Group pays attention to the introduction of new technology and the development of new products, imports from Germany, Switzerland and other countries with international advanced level of high vacuum coating machine, automatic winding machine and other film capacitor production and testing equipment, and in the domestic industry in the first establishment of capacitor research and development center, developed. Flying arc circuit breaker, environmental protection capacitor and other new products, product quality, output and comprehensive strength of the country's capacitor industry ranks first. In 2005, the company started the construction project of Feida Industrial Park with a total investment of 420 million yuan to build China's largest and Asia's first-class production, manufacturing and R&D base for high-voltage and medium-capacity thin film capacitors, with an annual output value of 1.52 billion yuan and a profit and tax of about 300 million yuan.


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