Contents and methods of daily maintenance for low voltage capacitors

Daily maintenance contents of low voltage capacitors:

1. Check whether the capacitive current of the capacitor bank exceeds the set value of the enthalpy, whether it is stable, and whether there is a surge phenomenon.

2, discharge refers to 9 indicating whether the bulb is burned or not.

3, whether the capacitor has abnormal noise.

4. When the expansion and oil leakage of the capacitor box are found in operation and sound or external sparks are emitted, the power supply shall be cut off immediately to stop operation.

5. Capacitors are not allowed to operate more than 1.1 times their enthalpy voltage, ammeter reading asymmetry is not allowed to exceed 5% of the current.

6. The temperature of the capacitor chamber should not exceed 40oC.

7. After the fuse of capacitor is broken, it should be found out that the original capacitor is replaced and the protective device is operated, and the power can not be sent forcibly, and the reason can be found out before it is put into operation.

When one of the following conditions is issued, exit immediately.

A capacitor explosion:

B capacitor oil injection or fire:

Severe discharge flashover of C porcelain bushing

D contact is seriously overheated or melted:

There are serious abnormal noises in the internal discharge equipment of e capacitor.

F capacitor housing has abnormal expansion.

8 capacitor housing shall be grounded.

9 stop the residual current from closing for at least three minutes before reclosing.


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