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The batteries of traditional electric vehicles are out of date, and new vehicles powered by supercapacitors will take the place of them in the future. Supercapacitors do not suffer from energy storage degradation due to battery life problems, so owners of power systems using supercapacitors will no longer be bothered by battery packs scrapping and other problems. In addition, supercapacitors have higher power levels and can achieve high power output for short periods of time, which means that drivers can drive cars with supercapacitors faster than conventional electric vehicles. The advantages of supercapacitors are fast charging speed, long service life and hundreds of thousands of cycles of charging in the life cycle. Of course, there are still some shortcomings of supercapacitors at present. Their lower energy density leads to lower energy storage under the same weight. Even though supercapacitors have such drawbacks, they are still one of the best energy storage technologies in the field of energy storage. Elon Musk was determined to apply supercapacitors to electric vehicles.

In addition to the use of supercapacitor machines, electronic products (LED lamps, LED switching power supply, size of household appliances, etc.) widely used film capacitors and patch capacitors will also be the future leader of electronic components, Shenzhen Shanrui Electronics Co., Ltd. dedicated to film capacitors for many years, quality and service by the majority of customers consistent. Good praise! Over the years trusted by new and old customers, Shanrui has been making unremitting efforts to "Shanrui capacitor for the world service, the world needs Shanrui capacitor" goal and struggle!


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