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Because the two poles of the capacitor have the characteristics of residual charge, we should first try to discharge its charge, otherwise it is easy to happen electric shock accident. When dealing with the faulty capacitor, the circuit breaker of the capacitor bank and its upper and lower disconnectors should be pulled open first. If the fuse is used to protect the capacitor, the fuse tube should be removed first. At this point, although the capacitor bank has overdischarged the resistance of self-discharge, but there will still be part of the residual charge, therefore, it must be manually discharged. When discharging, the grounding terminal of the grounding wire should be fixed with the grounding grid, and then the capacitor should be discharged many times with the grounding rod until there is no spark and discharge sound, and finally the grounding wire should be fixed. At the same time, it should also be noted that if the capacitor has an internal break, fuse fuse or bad contact with the lead, there may be residual charges between the two poles, and in automatic discharge or manual discharge, these residual charges will not be released. Therefore, operators or maintenance personnel should wear insulating gloves before contacting the fault capacitor, and use short-circuit lines to short-circuit the two poles of the fault capacitor to discharge. In addition, the capacitor connected by series connection should be discharged separately.


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