CBB61 Capacitors

  • CBB61 Capacitor 12uf
CBB61 Capacitor 12uf

CBB61 Capacitor 12uf

  • CBB61 Capacitor
  • CBB61 fan capacitor
  • CBB61 black capacitor
  • Product description: CBB61 Capacitors is from Jiaming Capacitor which is a professional CBB60 Capacitors,CBB61 Capacitor,CBB65 Capacitors,CBB80 Capacitors,Shunt Capacitor Manufacturer and Exporter in China!
The capacitor has advantages of low dissipation ,high insulation resistancee,good self-healing character,and steady electricity performancec,anti-striking current,strong over-carrying capacity,ect In generrally,it uses retangular flame retardant shell  and epoxy resin to seal,It is applied in electric fan,exhaust fan ,electric pump,and sewing machine,ect.It  is helpful for motor's starting and running .

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