CBB65 Capacitors

  • CBB65 Capacitor 30uf
CBB65 Capacitor 30uf

CBB65 Capacitor 30uf

  • CBB65 Capacitor
  • air conditioner capacitor
  • light emitting capacitor
  • A.C single motor
  • Product description: CBB65 Capacitors is from Jiaming Capacitor which is a professional CBB60 Capacitors,CBB61 Capacitor,CBB65 Capacitors,CBB80 Capacitors,Shunt Capacitor Manufacturer and Exporter in China!
1.High insolation resistance
2.Good capacitance stability
3.Excellent self-healing property
4.Anti-shock current with large overload capacity
5.Small volume with light weight
6.Dry capacitor structure with no liquid materials, non-toxic, no leakage and environmentally friendly

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